Stools and Chairs Recommendations: CLICK on the pictures or links below to be taken to our amazon association pages.

VTD Nail Stool $98

My current stool that I zone on. Great back support and really comfortable. Highly recommend this stool! My only complaint is I wish it was 1 inch shorter. This stool works best with taller couches.

Dayton Pedicure Stool $82

Great for those who need low back support while foot zoning. The cushion is firm but comfortable. I personally used this stool for 5 years. The more you use it, the more soft the seat becomes.

Minwill Pedicure Stool $114

This stool is great for hip and bottom comfort. Moderate lower back support. Great for heavy set individuals and those zoning for long periods of time and don't need a lot of back support.

Exercise Ball $18

Calling all those who want to strengthen their cores while giving a zone. Sitting on an exercise ball is a fantastic way to do that. Pro tip: adjust the air in the ball so that it is somewhat soft, this will give you the right height and help it to not be too firm.

Conductor Wooden Stool $50

Our original zoning stool! These stool are solid and great for traveling to and from a clients house. If you have lower back issues, I don't recommend this stool.

Zero Gravity Chair $118

Ensuring that the client is comfortable is important so that they can relax into their session. If you don't have a couch that will work, a zero gravity chair works great! This one is supper comfy and is nice because you can tuck it away when you are using it. My favorite is the SLSY Zero Gravity Chair.

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